SSIS Project with OLE DB Source and Kingwaysoft Destination

In this project we will create a project SSIS that will update a 10 field of entity, so i added a Data flow that contains an OleDB SOURCE that contains a sql query and a KingwaySoft destination that will update the 10 fields.
the DataFlow of the package :

the OleDB source Contains the sql query,the sql query will count the total of the 10 field

and finally the kingwaysoft destination mapped the fields

Convert TextBox field to Button with javascript

Hi, we can add a button to a solution crm with The Ribbon Workbench ribbonworkbench , Or we can convert a textBox Filed to button ,
So I create a filed type text and i added a code with javascript to change this field to button.
txtbox convert to button Dynamics crm 2013
this is the code of the custum button :

function ajoutButton(new_convertir) {
if (document.getElementById(new_convertir) != null) {
var sFieldID = "field" + new_convertir;
var elementID = document.getElementById(new_convertir + "_d");
var div = document.createElement("div"); = "50%"; = "right"; = "inline";
elementID.appendChild(div, elementID);
div.innerHTML = ' Convertir';

documew_cnt.getElementById(neonvertir).style.width = "0%";
document.getElementById(sFieldID).ondblclick = function () { DateDifference(); };

I get this result :

fetchxml linked-entity with lookup filter

Hello, In this article i will share with you how to add a lookup filter to a linked entity with Fetchxml

In the serviceappointment entity ,  i added  a lookup  field “new_contract”  to diplay the list of contract,
 so i want to display the list of contract of the selected account.

i create a fetchxml filter and i added it to javascript function :

function preFilterLookup() {
Xrm.Page.getControl("new_contrat").addPreSearch(function () {

function getlookupCustomer()
var lookupObject = Xrm.Page.getAttribute("customers");

if (lookupObject != null) {

var lookUpObjectValue = lookupObject.getValue();

if ((lookUpObjectValue != null)) {

var lookuptextvalue = lookUpObjectValue[0].id;
return lookuptextvalue;

function addLookupFilter() {
var customer = getlookupCustomer();

if (customer != null) {

fetchXml = ""
+ " "
+ "";